Directional Drilling

We Cater To All Your Underground Needs

At NW King & Sons Construction, we specialize in underground and underwater drilling for the installation of pipe and conduit systems. We are equipped with directional drill rigs of varied sizes to be able to undertake projects of all sizes!

Directional Drilling services

The Best Professional Directional Drilling Services

If you need pipeline installation work done under the ground with safety and precision, NW King & Sons Construction is your best choice in Utah and other neighboring areas. Directional drilling is an environmentally-friendly method of reaching hard-to-get areas. Also known as a trenchless method of underground pipe and conduit installation, directional drilling is done by creating a path from above the surface, without inflicting any damage to the surroundings.

Directional Drilling

Why Is Directional Drilling A Smart Choice?

  • Minimal traffic disruption
  • Significant cost benefits
  • Easy installation possible even for deeper and longer pipelines
  • Shorter completion time
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Excellent directional capabilities in drilling
Directional Drilling equipment

Diverse Areas Of Applications

Directional drilling is your end-to-end solution for the construction of new and the modifications of existing facilities or pipelines in the utility industry. Our pipeline installation expertise spans across telecommunications and power cable conduits, water and sewer lines, gas lines, product pipelines as well as environmental remediation needs. Our directional boring services are ideal for drilling through waterways, roadways, and congested areas, as well as environmentally-sensitive areas where other boring methods are often quite expensive!

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