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At NW King & Sons Construction, we offer a variety of excavation services and pipeline maintenance services to our customers in the utility service sector. As your reliable excavating contractor, we are ready to undertake all your construction projects!


Comprehensive Pipeline Construction & Excavation Services

With more than half a century of experience in the utility industry, we have handled and perfected ourselves at every aspect of excavation and pipeline installation work. We bring cutting-edge equipment and modern technology to deliver exemplary performance while ensuring complete safety on the site. For a smooth workflow on the site, every large project is broken into manageable lengths, each performed by a specialized team. The various tasks in a pipeline construction project include:

Initial Site Survey
  • Reviewing the environmental features and the proposed pipeline segments.
  • Identifying and marking existing utility lines and agricultural drainages to eliminate accidental damage.
Clearing And Grading
  • Clearing land of vegetation.
  • Installing temporary erosion control measures before starting ground excavation.
Trench Excavation
  • Utilizing backhoes or trenching machines for removing topsoil and laying the pipeline trench.
  • The topsoil removed during the ditching operations is then stockpiled temporarily on the non-working side of the trench.
Pipe Stringing
  • Stringing the individual joints of pipes together, adjacent to the excavated ditch.
  • Bending joints of pipes where the pipeline route direction is changing.
Welding And Coating Of Pipe
  • Aligning and welding the pipe sections together and placing the structure on temporary supports along the edge of the trench.
  • Running a visual inspection of all the welded joints using radiographic inspection techniques.
  • Electronically inspecting the entire pipeline coating to locate and repair any coating faults or voids.
Backfilling The Trench
  • Lowering the assembled pipe structure into the trench using side-boom tractors.
  • Closing the trench using backfilling or bladed equipment.
  • Hydrostatically testing the pipeline after backfilling the trench.
  • Obtaining test water and disposing it in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  • Cleaning up and restoring the site to its original contour, as closely as possible, after the project completion.

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