Vacuum Services

For Fast, Safe, And Accurate Digging

Discover an easy, non-destructive technique of excavating the ground with NW King & Sons Construction. With vacuum services, we can quickly excavate potholes without the risk of damaging gas pipelines, energized cables, or fiber optics. 

water well drilling

Excavation Made Simple And Easy – Vacuum Services

Trust our crew at NW King & Sons Construction to perform complete excavation work without damaging the existing utility frameworks under the ground. By using the unobtrusive vacuum excavation technique, we offer our customers cost-efficient solutions and trench dense areas with ease.


Line Location

NW King & Sons Construction helps you locate utilities below the ground. We utilize high-power hydro excavation equipment that sends a stream of pressurized water towards the designated area. This starts a slurry of muddy water. The vacuum tube draws this water out and deposits it in a holding tank mounted on the truck. This method exposes buried structures, pipelines, or utilities easily without the risk of dangerous and expensive damages.

Choose our vacuum excavation service and finish your project with complete peace of mind!

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